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Emerson Battery has been serving Jacksonville's automotive battery needs for over 55 years. We can help refer any automotive battery needs.

Interstate Batteries

We recommend the full line of Interstate Batteries: I-Line, Mega-Tron II, and Mega-Tron Plus. Some with warranties as long as six years.

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Battery FAQs

What is a car battery core? A battery core is a used battery housing. Used batteries contain highly recyclable material including lead, plastic, and acid that must be disposed of properly according to federal, state, and local law.

What is a car battery terminal? The electrical contacts that connect an external load or charge to the car battery. Usually they are located on the top of the battery for easy access to jump-start the vehicle.

When should I replace my used car battery? If your car won't start - it may be a good time to replace it! You can expect to replace your car battery every few years and for those times we're here to help. Used car batteries are often able to be recharged without needing to replace entirely.

What brand of batteries are carried? Although we can typically locate and provide any brand, we specialize in Interstate batteries. If you're on a strict budget consider a refurbished used battery with a 90-day warranty. If you're interested in a battery guarantees, call ahead. We have batteries with up to a six year warranty.

What kind of battery is best for me? Each vehicle has needs that are different. We strongly suggest you bring in your car or vehicle for a recommendation based on your specific needs.

How much are your batteries? That's a maddening question to answer, but the truth is there are as many prices as there are types of batteries. We offer the cheapest pricing on batteries possible. Typically, our batteries range from $35 - $100 for most automobiles. Stop by so we can make the best recommendation for you. The prices quoted include you turning in your used battery for proper disposal.

Do you install the battery if I purchase it from you? We offer free battery installation on most vehicles. Some makes and models of vehicles are excluded due to the time and labor involved. These excluded vehicles are typically late-model Chryslers and Mercedes. Drop by or call to discuss your exact needs.

I have an old used battery in my garage. Can I bring it in for proper disposal? Recycling service is available. Batteries contain components and chemicals harmful to the environment and must be disposed of properly. In addition, we PAY YOU for bringing them in to be recycled in the proper manner. We buy batteries of all types to recycle and ensure proper disposal.

Are other batteries carried for uses other than personal automobiles? We have you covered for a boat battery, trailer battery, camper battery, RV battery, golf cart batteries, wheelchair battery and much, much, more. If we don't have it in stock, chances are good it can be within 48 hours!

Are solar panel batteries available? Yes! We build custom solar battery banks to offer you as much power as you need. Solar panel battery banks are trending right now to save energy and reduce carbon footprint. Having a properly installed and manufactured solar battery pack is critical in every solar panel setup.

Do you make batteries for sound systems? This is one of our specialties. Custom power sound systems are made in house to your specifications. Custom power systems for your sound system are routed separate from you car's other systems. This keeps your stereo from dimming your headlights and draining your battery. We love the creativity of these situations. Call us and we can schedule an appointment to give you superior service.

Where is my car battery? Usually (but not always) your car battery can be found under your car's hood next to the engine. It will feature two metallic terminals that are either marked red and black, with a plus (+) and minus (-), or both. Check your vehicle owners manual for further help.

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